Day 23 | A Week in Sydney

Sydney has been a city that I have been dreaming about for years. I think I have mentioned before, but I am pretty sure my first exposure to Sydney and probably Australia was in a Mary-Kate and Ashley movie. Katy and I originally planned to just spend a weekend in Sydney before catching a flight up to Darwin, however we realized this would probably be our only chance to explore the city during year one, so we figured why not stay a week?

What does one do with a week in Sydney? How much time can we really spend walking around the Quay? I don’t think I have ever spent a week in one city before. I have spent over a week in small towns and villages, but big cities always seem to bore me after a few days. However, I think Sydney will be the exception…or at least I hope it will be. We have a pretty packed schedule. I mean if you can call scheduling time to lay on the beach and read a book being busy.

This is our anticipated itinerary for our week long visit it Sydney. Let me know if you think I missed anything important!

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Day 1 – Tourist Day

Sydney Harbor

Domain Park

Botanical Gardens

Sunset at Observatory Hill Park

Day 2 – Day Trip

Hiking in the Blue Mountains

Day 3

Centennial Park

Mardi Gras Parade and Festival

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Day 4 – Beach Day

Free shore dive with Abyss Scuba Sydney

Spend the day reading and relaxing at Bondi Beach

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Day 5 – Beach Day

Surfing lessons

Bondi to Maroubra Walk

Day 6 – Beach Day

Sunrise at Hornby Lighthouse

Visit Lady Bay Nude Beach

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Day 7

Depart for Darwin to start our new life in Australia!


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