Day 29 | Podcasts I am Loving Right Now

Do you remember when podcasts became a thing? How did we go from rarely listening to the radio in the car, to voluntarily listening to talk radio again. Life really is cyclical. The first podcast that I can remember enjoying was the original Serial podcast. Someone somewhere mentioned to me that there was this podcast telling a true crime story about a boy who was accused, tried,and convicted of killing his girlfriend in high school. Thing is, no one thinks he really did it, and he has never admit to doing it. Okay, they got me, so I tuned in. After episode one, I knew that Adnan was innocent, but I needed to know whether or not Ms. Koenig was going to get him a new trial or not. So, I spent the next 14 hours straight, laying in bed listening to the entire series. I kid you not, it was worse than a Netflix binge.

After Serial ended (the day after it started), I felt like a part of my life was missing. I needed a fix. I started to search out new podcasts that I could binge as well. I began listening to a couple, but nothing grabbed my attention like Serial had. Eventually, I swore off podcasts all together and returned to my routine of finding and binging a series on Netflix with a healthy 5 seasons.

The second season of Serial came out in the fall of 2015. Again, I listened to the story of the American soldier Bowe Bergdahl and I identified with him. He didn’t like how his leaders were treating him and he walked away into the Afghani desert. That sounded like something I would do. Season two strung me along just as season one had. Though I didn’t finish this season in one day, I still loved the suspense of the true crime story and when it ended I didn’t know what to do next. I still hadn’t found any other podcasts that I liked, and I didn’t want to go back to Netflix. So I consulted everyone I know on the book of faces, and their list turned out to be pure gold.

Podcasts I am Binging Right Now


Lore was the first podcast that I liked after Serial. It focuses on “true life scary stories.” In each new episode, Aaron Mahnke discusses a piece of history that has a dark underbelly. Since none of the stories build upon each other, you don’t need to start at the beginning to understand what is happening. You can just jump into the most recent episode, listen and learn. The best part about Lore is that they just got picked up by Amazon Studios for a 10 episode season on Prime. It comes out mid-2017.

Pod Save America

The claim to fame on this one is that they were able to score Obama’s final interview as president. The podcast is hosted by ex-Obama administration guys, Jon Favreau, Jon Lovett, Dan Pfeiffer and Tommy Vietor. Admittedly, this does lean to the left, but they try to discuss the facts relating to American politics and I appreciate that they invite guests of all political persuasions to be on the show.

The Daily

I have been anxiously awaiting this new podcast from the New York Times for awhile now. If you follow the Skimm, this is a similar daily digest that is supposed to sum up what happened the day before in the news. Michael Barbaro gives you a 15 minute synopsis of what’s going on in the world, 5 days a week. If you are looking to up your current event game, without committing to a NYT subscription, give this a try.

Real Time with Bill Maher

Bill Maher has always been, and likely will always be, one of my favorite political satirists. Just like the namesake show on HBO, Real Time discusses political events in a hilariously, honest way. If you don’t like comedy, you won’t like this.


Since my podcast roots are engrained in crime, I finally found a new true crime podcast that I like. Crimetown, from the creators of HBO’s the Jinx, is a series about the dark side of different cities in America. In season one, Zach and Marc discuss the sordid history of Providence, RI.

I hope that you guys check out one or more of these podcasts and get something out of them!




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