Day 31 | Things That Excite Me About Australia

Yesterday, I wrote about what I am going to miss most about America when I leave its soil on the 27th of February. Here’s a hint if you didn’t read that post, (though you should) ranch dressing has a staring role. So, I thought I would talk about the things that excite me most about Australia. Which is a lot, so bear* with me.

Things That Excite Me About Australia

Beaches, everywhere

The accents

Marsupials as a species, particularly wombats

TimTams (read: chocky bikkies)

Diving the GBR and Ningaloo Reef

Swimming with whale sharks

The accents

Cage diving with great white sharks

Its proximity to SE Asia

Skydiving over the GBR

The accents

Consistently warm weather

The food (excluding vegemite)

The wine

Road trips

Seeing Uluru and the red center

Crossing another continent off my list

Getting my tan back

Working at a job I enjoy

Meeting new people (with accents)

Petting all the doggos

Seeing a dingo

Exploring their National Parks

Being far away from Trump’s war path

Sunsets over the ocean

Sunrises over the ocean

Catching up with my Aussie friends

Learning to surf

All the climbing

Tasmania in general

Hopefully coming home with an accent


Well, there ya have it. I am sure I am forgetting things, but for the most part, this is what I am excited about in regards to my move to Australia.



*Mini grammar lesson of the day, when you say bear with me, you use the animal form of the word, which I think is really strange, but that’s English for ya.



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