Day 8 | Being Sick on the Road

Being sick is never fun, but being sick while traveling is the absolute worst. You are uncomfortable, out of your element and your mommy isn’t there to take care of you. I think we can all agree that moms make even the worst ailments better. The first time I experienced this was earlier this year in Thailand. Everyone had warned me about the street food, and how my uncultured Western tummy couldn’t handle the bacteria. I heeded the warnings, only ate where the locals were eating and steered clear of fresh fruits and veggies. I made it 3 weeks into my 3 month long trip through SE Asia without getting Bali Belly/Tonsai Tummy. Then I started to get cocky, and it hit me like a ton of bricks. I was out of commission for almost three days. Let’s just say that I became well acquainted with the bathroom floor. Damn you Koh Kradan and your green papaya salad.


Lucky for me, I wasn’t traveling alone. I can’t imagine how unfathomably terrible I would have felt if my friend Chris hadn’t done everything in his power to nurse me back to health.

Flash forward to now, and here I am again, sicker than a dog in Austin, TX. Chris gets to play nurse again, which I am sure he is so happy about, as I lay in bed pathetically while snot drips out of my nose. I am not looking forward to getting on a plane tomorrow with the amount of pressure built up inside my head. I feel like my brain might explode. Let’s hope that isn’t actually a thing.

The worst part about being sick on the road is not how terribly uncomfortable you feel, but that it makes you miss out on seeing your destination. In Thailand, I missed seeing bioluminescence because I couldn’t peel myself off the toilet, and now I am missing out on exploring Austin because I can’t bear the thought of leaving this bed.

For now, I am just going to lay back, try to get as much sleep as possible and eat my chicken noodle soup. Hopefully tomorrow is a better day.



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