Six Best Sites to Find Jobs Abroad

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The worst part of any trip is when it comes to an end, can we all agree on that? Well, what if it didn’t have to? What if you could continue traveling indefinitely, without constantly worrying about funds running out?

I have read hundreds of posts about how bloggers generate money and sponsored trips from reviewing tours or hotels or through advertisements and affiliate campaigns. However, if you are not a travel blogger or if your blog isn’t generating money just yet, I have outlined how I am planning on extending my travels for as long as possible.

Best Sites to Find Short-Term Jobs Abroad

Helpx & Work Away

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Both of these sites are incredibly useful when looking to find volunteer opportunities while traveling. Not everyone wants to volunteer on an organic farm, so these sites offer different options. You will find opportunities to work at hostels, resorts, coffee plantations, animal rescues, and even teaching English. Some of these roles will ask for a small donation in order to provide room and board, but most will only ask for a few hours of work in return for your stay and sometimes food. I plan to rely almost exclusively on these sites to find opportunities during my gap year to extend my travels. The volunteer experience you can gain through these roles is not going to be glamorous, but it will be fulfilling and a great way to make friends on the road as a solo traveler.


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I have talked about WWOOFing before in my post about what types of jobs travelers should seek out. If you don’t mind getting down and dirty, you can always sign up for the WWOOFing community page for the country you are traveling too. For a small fee, you will gain access to the list of opportunities on organic farms in the area. I plan to try it out at least once, but I would rather chat with other travelers while volunteering at a hostel than spend my days up to my elbows in a rice paddy, but maybe I will change my tone once I try it out. Only time will tell.

Backdoor Jobs

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This site is very basic, (maybe they are in need of a web developer?) but it does direct you towards some international opportunities to participate in adventure jobs as a trip leader, counselor, or divemaster intern. If you are an adventurous person who enjoys hiking, camping, and generally being outside, this is the one for you.

Crew Seekers

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One of the most interesting options, in my opinion. This site connects travelers with yacht captains in search of crew. Some of the opportunities require that you have previous sailing experience, but many of them do not. I am going to try and use this as a way of sailing from SE Asia to South America, but we will see how that works out.

For those of you who don’t know, an Au Pair is like a live-in nanny. Though women are going to have an easier time finding opportunities on this site than men, sorry guys but it’s true, this is a great way to find room and board, as well as usually a small monthly stipend. Only requirements are that you must not be a serial killer and you have to like kids. There are a few more sites like, but this one is my favorite because the search functionality is the most effective. They do ask for a small fee to verify your identity, but I have received many offers through my free account, so I don’t think it’s entirely necessary.

Well guys, those are the best sites that I know of to find jobs or volunteer opportunities abroad. If you thought this was helpful, as always, pin away!

What other sites have you used to find jobs while traveling? Are there sites that are specific to certain parts of the world? Share any tips you may have!

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  1. Thanks for sharing these sites! I want to move abroad and been researching job options, so this is very helpful!

    1. I am so glad this was helpful! I am moving abroad in April, so maybe we will cross paths on the road 🙂 Happy Travels!

  2. Sabrina says:

    It’s always great to expand traveling thanks to such opportunities! Thank you for this list 🙂

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