Day 30 | Things I Will Miss About America

In the copious amounts of research that I have done about Australia, I have found a number of things that are bound to result in culture shock. Culture shock? In a predominantly white, English speaking country? How can that be? Well folks, just because Australia is a developed country with hot water and McDonalds (read: Maccas), doesn’t mean it looks and feels just like America, believe it or not.

Though I have traveled a fair amount, I have never LIVED in another country. The closest I ever came was my summer abroad in London, where I thought I was going to die because I couldn’t find dill pickles anywhere. It was rough. In the end, I always come home to the creature comforts that I am accustomed to in America. Now that I am planning to live abroad for 2+ years, it has made me realize what I am planning to leave behind. Mom, take note, as I am inevitably going to need a pickle care package at some point.

Things I will Miss about America

Unlimited fast wifi and data

Ranch dressing

Mexican food

Being cold in air conditioned rooms

Postmates/Grubhub/Eat24 anything that delivers to my bed

Peanut butter and jelly sandwiches

College football

The myriad of fast food restaurants

Electric blankets

Sweater season

Fashionable boots

Customer service

Ketchup (not tomato sauce, not the same thing)

Free refills

Not giving a shit about soccer

Driving on the RIGHT side of the road

Bacon (real, American bacon)

Trader Joe’s

Not having to pretend I know the rules of rugby



Never having to carry cash

Measuring temperature in Farenheit

Not needing to know the metric system

Amazon Prime (and Prime Now, and Prime Restaurants)

Dutch Bro’s coffee

Washington Trail Association route guides

Wild deer everywhere


Having a white Christmas

Wearing flannel every day

Country music festivals

24 hour grocery/convenience stores

Poorly enforced speed limits


There you have it! These are the things I anticipate missing while living in Australia. I will do a follow up post later on about whether or not this list is accurate.









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